‘Issues’ vocalist Tyler Carter swaps out their guitars for a synth board on his new Solo track!

Those who follow the band issues closely may already know, but for those that don’t, Tyler Carter has his own solo project he works on alongside Issues. It’s certainly a different style of music to say the least, but I for one think it works.

Tyler Carter has always been recognisable as the ‘clean’ singer in the band issues, his voice brought an almost soul and R&B vibe to issues music, which juxtaposed with their rough singer’s vocals to create a pretty unique sound in their music. If left to Tyler, Issues may have ended up going much more down the pop/electronic route than they already have, but previously Michael Bohn (ex-vocalist) has kept them in check with the music style and kept the heavier edge to the music.
With Issues staying in their ‘post-hardcore’ genre in regards to their clean and rough vocals, it made sense for Tyler Carter to start to hone in on his soul and R&B voice in his own solo projects, meaning that they never messed with how Issues sounded with too much.

Tyler Carter’s new social media identity.

Tyler released his EP ‘Leave Your Love’ in 2015, and since then has worked on covers of songs from Paramore’s ‘Ain’t It Fun’ to Adele’s ‘Hello’ to even the Pokemon theme song, all of which are songs I can’t imagine him covering with the full Issues group, it suits his personal style.
With the last ‘formal’ release on Spotify and such being ‘Gotta Catch ‘Em All’ in 2016, it was a nice surprise to have ‘Pressure’ pop up a few days ago, and even more so to see a music video accompanying it. This hints that he could be working on releasing more music later on this year which I would certainly be down for.

Watch the ‘Pressure’ video below and let us know what you think!


Written by Ely King

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