Panic! At The Disco ‘Hey Look, Ma I Made it’ Music Video Review

Following the release of their highly anticipated album ‘Pray For The Wicked’ Panic! At The Disco have dropped a new music video for ‘Hey Look, Ma I Made it’ and it’s the second music video for the album, but the fifth single.

The music video itself shows an aspiring Brendon Urie get signed to a record label and live out hive dreams of  ‘getting to the top’ all whilst cutting between ‘Real’ and ‘Puppet’ Brendon. The Music video itself shows how musicians are often like ‘puppets’ to their record labels and the industry as a whole, how many celebrities get money all of a sudden and get caught up with drugs and often spiral downwards – something Brendon Urie has previously confessed to doing. The ending of the music video shows ‘Puppet Brendon’ being thrown to the side after doing his job, inferring how many celebrities reach the peak of their career and get shoved to the side if they start to decline, or if a newer artist pops up.

As for the song itself, it’s such a bop, it’s a nice beat with lyrics you can definitely yell out as you dance around your room to the song. I can also imagine it being used as a revenge song to all those who haven’t believed in you, and I can imagine it being a great release to sing live or as part of the crowd.

Have a look at the song below:


A review of the rest of the album is in the works so keep an eye out!

Written by Ely King.

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