Review / You Me at Six – 3AM and Fast Forward

You Me At Six have dropped their first two new songs, only a year and a half after their previous album, Night People. These songs will be off the bands upcoming album VI (out October 5th) and Declan had a listen to the two tracks. You can read below to see what he thought of the new material, and also have a look at the post we created talking about the new YMAS album and comeback:

The first, 3AM, continues the same style as NP, with the electronic style still present throughout the song, but this seems a more upbeat than the previous work. The song seems to hint at a relationship between a person and their ex, with the ex calling them at 3AM, looking to rekindle a romance the person wants extinguished. Although, they do seem tempted by the idea of a one-night stand for old times sake (“I don’t want no complications, Just make it easy for me to feel”)

Favourite Lyric: “Man I Just need a clean break, Don’t wait around for me to change”

The second, Fast Forward, seems to be the follow up to 3AM. With lyrics such as “I know how this one will play out” and “I know you miss the old days, the old days are gone.” It hints at the person from 3AM having a realisation that going back with his ex would’ve been a bad idea. The song also seems to be about a moment of self discovery from the person, realising to move on with your life, you need to leave some people in the past.

Favourite Lyric: “And I might be down but I’m not fucking out”.

What do you think of the tracks, and are you looking forward to hearing the rest of the album? Let us know in the comments!

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