Tattoos dedicated to music

Hannh Travis - ROAM

(Hannah Travis – ROAM)

For many people out there, music is a pretty big deal. Saying that, we wanted to showcase some of the amazing tattoos that music fans have gotten, dedicated to their favourite bands and artists. A favourite group amongst the Crowdsurf committee is Facebook’s notorious UK Pop Punk, and this group was the fuel for this post. We wanted to see member’s band tattoos, and hell they delivered. We have picked out some of the best ones to include on this list, and we simply want to show the world the amazing art that people have on their skin; based off the music they listen to. 


Amy Simms - Modern Baseball

Amy Simms and their friend went for a coordinated tattoo, and went with the iconic Modern Baseball lyric ‘Whatever, Forever’. Very simple, but a lovely way to show a friendship; intentionally getting matching tattoos.

James Watkins TSSF

Next up, James Watkins went with The Story So Far’s ‘What You Don’t See‘ album artwork, and it looks AMAZING. We have previously mentioned this art work before on our site, and you can read the article HERE.

Hannah Travis - All Time Low

Another photo from the lovely Hannah Travis. This time, showcasing her All Time Low themed thigh pieces. Credit is definitely due for the artist(s) Hannah works with, as I personally (Emily here) find all of her tattoos beautiful.

Owen Crisp - While She Sleeps

Up next, another simple, but very meaningful and generally great set of tattoos. Owen has two inspired by While She Sleeps, and one of them was actually tattoo’d by Mat Welsh; who happens to be a member of WSS!

Carys Marshall - Neck Deep 'Gold Steps'

Carys shared with us her leg piece, which is based on the track ‘Gold Steps’ by Neck Deep. I really dig this art work, and I like how it is quite traditional when it comes to the chosen fonts and line work. The shading work is also great, and adds a lot of atmosphere to the mountain scene. Sick tattoo Carys.


Up next, a lovely Trash Boat themed tattoo. Chris shared this with us, and we absolutely love it. An iconic piece of illustration taken from a great album, and on someone’s arm for everyone to clearly see.

Sian - Trophy Eyes

To me, nothing illustrates Pop Punk more than a pair of old school Vans; especially the hi-top version. With that in mind, Sian shared with us a Trophy Eyes inspired piece that she has, and we couldn’t not share it. The flowers are also a lovely touch, and very Trophy Eyes.

Xander James - Tom Searle:Doomsday

This was one of the ones that stood out the most to us, because of how different and unusual it is. Xander James shared with us his Tom Searle/Doomsday inspired tattoo, and I am certain you guys will agree that it is pretty cool.

Maddy Emery - Architects, memento mori

(Emily here) I just want to say that these leg pieces are actual pieces of art, and absolutely beautiful/amazing/every other good adjective you can think of. Maddy’s tattoos are based around Architects, and their track ‘Memento Mori’, from their album ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’.

Lauren Springthorpe - Frank Turner

And finally, the last one we wanted to show you guys. Lauren sent over her Frank Turner inspired thigh piece, and it was another that stood out for us. As well as this thigh piece, Lauren also has many other Frank Turner tattoos, including lyrics, logos, and drunken handwriting.


We would love to see more of your band tattoos, and you can share them in the comments!

Also, if you could get any tattoo dedicated to a band, what would you get? Let us know!

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