The Amity Affliction release new song and announce their next album!


The Amity Affliction have finally announced their next album titled ‘Misery’ and already there are extremely high expectations for it.
The band have even gone as far as to making a movie-style trailer for the album, leading us to think there could be another storyline of videos coming, similar to the ‘All Fucked Up/I Bring The Weather With Me/This Could Be Heartbreak’ trilogy. Watch the video below:

The album will be released on August 24th and you can get the exclusive preorder bundles here and pre-save the album on Spotify here.
They have also released the track listing which is as follows:

  1. “Ivy (Doomsday)”
  2. “Feels Like I’m Dying”
  3. “Holier Than Heaven”
  4. “Misery”
  5. “Kick Rocks”
  6. “Black Cloud”
  7. “D.I.E.”
  8. “Drag The Lake”
  9. “Beltsville Blues”
  10. “Burn Alive”
  11. “Nothing Left”
  12. “The Gifthorse”


Alongside all of the album teasers and information, they released a new song titled ‘Ivy (Doomsday)’ to give the fans a taster of the album and get them riled up ready for the release. See it below:

If you’re liking everything you’ve seen so far make sure to catch them on their UK/EU tour! More details can be found on this post.

Written by Ely King

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