All Time Low ‘Everything Is Fine’ Review


All Time Low have dropped their first new song since the release of their last album, Last Young Renegade.

The single is called Everything Is Fine, and although there is only a video with the title on screen, expect a video for it soon enough.

The song was released after all of the band individually tweeted ‘EVERYTHING IS FINE’ as well as images stating the exact same thing, spurring fans into speculating that something was happening, be it a single, album or maybe more.

With the release they have also created an ‘everything is fine poster generator’ where fans can insert their own images into the band’s template. Find it here.

The song itself keeps in the same style as Last Young Renegade with the electronic melodies throughout the song, but there are definitely tones of the old All Time Low in there too. For us personally, we hear hints of Dirty Work’s kind of sound, which is maybe intentional as it’s been 7 years since Dirty Work was released. It could also be because band’s tend to go in cycles, where they develop their sound for a few albums and then have a song or an album where they circle back on themselves and go back to their roots.
The song is also quite tame compared to many of their more jumpy and dancy songs. Even though the vocals are quite strong, as you listen you tend to just bob your head or tap your foot, not dance around like you would to ‘Dear, Maria’ for example.

Favourite Lyrics: ‘I turn my music up so loud, tired of bullshit, drown it out’

Listen to the new song below and let us know what you think!

Written by Declan Gordon and Ely King

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