State Champs – “Our Time to Go” Music Video Review


Not out of this world but still flying high.

State Champs’ newest music video is for “Our Time To Go”, one of the tacks from their hot-off-the-press album ‘Living Proof’.

The video seems to be a mix of ‘E.T’, ‘Stranger Things’ and possibly a dash of ‘The Fifth Element’, telling the tale of a teenage boy who finds an alien girl hiding in his back yard on the run from the men in black.The story is a predictable one we’ve seen many times before, with the boy trying to dress and feed the mysterious girl (and this is pop punk so of course she likes pizza) and trying to find out more about her.

Inevitably, a romance blossoms before the whole affair is broken up by the arrival of the men in black. After a brief chase a light descends down on the couple, hopefully (yet ambiguously) beaming them away to safety. All the while our favourite pop punk band from Albany are occasionally popping up in a black void with nothing in it but them and a seemingly endless supply of lens flare.

There are touching moments between the two as they try to communicate without words, such as when they both point to where they are from, and the fleeting yet warming glances they share during their dance together as they are brought together by music, a message I’m sure many of us will understand on a personal level.

The song’s lyrics about seizing the moment and breaking free fit the video nicely, especially with the “escape” at the end, however ultimately I found the video a little bland and way too predictable. It’s true the music and the visuals work, but they don’t complement each other in a way which would add more meaning or emphasis to the lyrics or make us more invested in the story of the video.

By no means do I think it’s bad don’t get me wrong, it’s a welcome change of pace to the band’s usual music video material of backstage shenanigans and live shows, and it’s clear they want to try and venture into more cinematic territory.And I for one look forward to what they come up with in the future.

Link to the video:

Reviewed by Joshua Wilkinson

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