Impericon’s ‘ Never Say Die’ Tour Features Being As An Ocean, Northlane and more!

Impericon have just announced their ‘Never Say Die’ tour, featuring Being As An Ocean, Northlane, Casey, Alazka, Polar, Currents, Thousand Below. It looks like it’s going to be a co/rotating headliner too, which is always an amazing experience and atmosphere. The amount of amazing artists performing too is definitely going to kick up a storm in the pit. It’s going to be huge!


The tour hits the UK for four dates in November before continuing on to the rest of their European dates. The dates are:

4/11 – London KOKO

5/11 – Bristol SWX

6/11 – Manchester Club Academy

7/11 – Birmingham Asylum

Although there aren’t many Northern/Scottish dates, I’d definitely say it’s a show to travel for! Tickets are available now through the Never Say Die Tour site.

You may have also seen at the bottom of the poster that one of the main associates on board with the tour is charity ‘Hope For The Day’. If you are unfamiliar with what this is, it is a group who look at breaking the negative stigma around mental health within the music scene especially, and encourage those who have links with music (fans, musicians themselves, tech guys etc.) to speak about how they are feeling in order to have more closure and acceptance around their issues. I for one feel like this charity is very special, and the work they do is both amazing, and reassuring.

Are you planning on going to a date or two?? Let us know if you are in the comments!


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