WSTR ‘Bad To The Bone’ Review

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 21.41.36

WSTR announced their arrival onto Hopeless Records by dropping their first single from their next album, Identity Crisis (out August 31st).

The single, called Bad To The Bone, dropped the 4th of June, with both the song and video being released.

The video is a nice fun one, taking place across different rooms in a very colourful house, although things start getting a little spooky when the Ouija Board shown at the beginning of the video starts haunting the set.

The song on the other hand can be taken in two different mind sets, both centred around the controversy of the Pop-Punk community as of late. With lyrics such as “I got a backlog of drama that won’t let me breathe” and “There’s nothing dodgy about me

It’s all conspiracy” it seems to hint at some dark secret in the WSTR camp, although it could also be a commentary on the allegations against numerous band members?

No matter the meaning of the song, with a killer solo and a banger of a chorus, Bad To The Bone is definitely a song to stick on every summer playlist.

Favourite lyric: “I never said I was as good as gold”

Review by Declan Gordon

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