Peter118 – The UK Pop Punk icon nobody expected


When you’re in a Facebook group like UK POP PUNK, things can often take a turn for the best, or even a turn for the worst. Communities and friendships are formed, as well as clashing of opinions and exchanges of Neck Deep memes. Overall, a pretty cool group to be a part of.

Here at Crowd Surf, we wanted to have a chat with someone who has made a lasting impression on thousands of members within this Facebook group/community, and this person is Peter James Field; or best known as Peter118.

It’s one of those classic cases of ‘if you know, you know’, and we feel like Peter118 is a topic that needs to be known by more than just the members of UKPP.

Is there really room for a Christian band in the world of Punk Rock?? I guess we will just have to wait and see.


Moving on, we had the pleasure of speaking to the man himself, and you can read how he answered our questions below. We wanted to not only find out about Peter118 and his music, but we also wanted to know how this new found fame was settling in with all those involved.

So, Music is clearly a big thing in your life and you seem to thrive when you are playing, when did you realise you wanted to create your own music?

I’ve been playing punk rock since 1998/99 and recording early punk rock demos. I played in mainly secular bands but became a Christian in 2006. I started Peter118 in 2014 and wanted to create punk music but for God. That’s when I started to record Peter118 songs.

Going back to you playing music, if you could headline a show and have any three bands support you, who would they be and why?

Neck Deep because they are popular and would bring a younger crowd. I would then have Rancid and Green Day. My two favourite Punk bands – love their music.

Whilst on the topic of live show, have you ever attended a music gig that left a lasting impression on you? If so, who was playing and what was so special about it?

POD in Wolverhampton in 2016. We met the band and interviewed them for Christian radio. The singer prayed over the crowd whilst singing ‘Alive’. POD are bold in their faith.

Now to the flip side of the previous question, with you being the one to make an impression on people with your shows; How was your Slam-Dunk Festival experience? You really did seem to make a lasting impression on many of the fans who went to the festival.

Slam dunk was awesome, we didn’t play to a large audience but I met so many people in the scene, I loved that . In the midlands show I turned up at the security gates and played ‘break em out’ to the pop punk kids That was awesome and it was great to be a part of the festival and see so many cool bands and people and get alongside the pop punkers.

You speak about Punk music and bands a lot, and your style reflects your love for the Punk genre. Who are you main musical influences?

90s Punk Rock- Green Day, Rancid, Offspring, Blink 182.

 Now we know your favourite artists, we want to know your all time favourite album and why?

Dookie by Green Day – the start of 90’s Punk Rock.

 Moving slightly on, we all know how important your faith is to you, will this always come first before music?

Yes, because God led me to do Peter118. Jesus comes first in everything.

Lovely words Peter. If you could give one message to every music fan in the world, what would said message be?

Trust in god with your problems, he is there to help you and he loves you. Peter118 is a vessel to be used by God and we are band to minister to the pop punk scene. We’re not seeking our own glory or to be famous. It’s about reaching people where they are at.

 Speaking of music fans, how long have you been a member of UK Pop Punk? And do you feel you have gained more fans from the exposure you have had within the group?

 I joined UK pop punk in March 2018. I never really used facebook groups for marketing before, but I have found that Peter118 creates a strong reaction with people, when UKPP changed their name to Peter118 Uk this gave the band massive exposure to the UKPP scene. We are starting to get a following of uk pop punkers now because of that.

 Your look is something that makes you stand out to fans, and we have one main question, the American jacket; what is the deal with it?!

The USA jacket was bought for $20 dollars last August from Wallmart during our USA tour of California. I love that jacket, it’s the coolest jacket in town.

And finally, will we be getting new Peter 118 material any time soon?

Yes, I’ve got three new awesome songs and I’m heading into the studio in July. I’ve also had an offer to record at Abbey Rd Institute so that will be an awesome experience.

Hopefully this interview has given you an insight to the world of Peter118! Make sure you follow them over on Facebook, and keep up to speed with the latest Christian Punk Rock band!

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