The ultimate ‘Would you Rather?’ – Tom Delonge, or Matt Skiba?


A controversial question to some extent, but we would love to know who you guys feel completes the Blink 182 line up.

An overview for those who maybe somehow didn’t know about this iconic blow up:

One of the most memorable shit shows in the alt rock music scene happened back in 2015, when Tom Delonge announced that he was no longer going to be a part of Blink 182. A later statement from the band then informed us that Matt Skiba was going to be the ‘indefinite replacement’. It was a crazy time for everyone involved; including the fans. Many were devastated, however many also were thrilled. There was a clear split between the fans, and the future of Blink 182 was unknown.


The memes were flooding in, as well as the rumours regarding new tracks, albums and even tours. The band appeared to be moving on, however classic Tom Delonge, ensured he stayed in the spot light. Travis Barker was the one who did most of the calling out, and Mark Hoppus remained relatively reserved about the whole thing, minus the odd dig at his previous band member of 20 something years.


LESS OF THE BACKGROUND. We want to know, who YOU prefer in Blink 182; Delonge, or Skiba? Let us know in the comments!

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