Eat Defeat release NEW TRACK – A Little Less than Okay

You have probably seen that UK Alternative Rock band Eat Defeat are a favourite amongst the contributors at Crowdsurf, and this is why we are thrilled for them releasing new music. Earlier today at 10am, they released the first track from their upcoming full length album; said track goes by the name of ‘A Little Less than Okay‘, and the album is called ‘I Think We’ll Be Okay‘. The album is officially out August 3rd, and you can pre-order NOW. EU based buyers are advised to order through one site, and UK / rest of the world buyers through another.

As we are VERY excited for the release of the album, we wanted to drop a quick review of the teaser track we got, so you can get a taste of what the new tracks are like. Just for reassurance, the album is an absolute banger, and we can’t wait for everyone else to hear it.

‘Summer’s vocal style is something that always stands out to me. His sound for me is spot on, and very illustrative of the Punk Rock genre. He doesn’t slur his words or put on a different accent, and this is an element that makes Eat Defeat’s music stand out significantly for me.

Moving on, the opening intro for this track gives me Neck Deep / WSTR vibes, but in a more classy style, and I really dig it. The playing of the instruments from each member clubs together to provide a very refined and slick backing track, and Summer’s vocals finish it off perfectly. The chorus ‘I’ll push myself but I’m going in circles, I’ll try to change but it just isn’t working’ is solid, and it just shows the lyric work from Eat Defeat is well thought out, and always a hit with the listeners. Whilst on the topic of lyrics, the closing line I know we will, we’ll be okay is just the icing on the cake. Eat Defeat are very accepting in terms of mental health, and them holding their hands up and saying that it does get better is one of the main reasons I love this band’.

I literally have nothing bad to say about this track, because it clicked with me the first time I listened to it.

Favourite lyrics:

Complacency is a killer you see

Ill push myself but im going in circles, i’ll try to change but it just isn’t working 

I know we will, we’ll be okay

Are you looking forward for the rest of the album?? Let us know in the comments!!

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