Are You Me At Six copying Twenty One Pilots?

As you are well aware, You Me At Six have just made a massive comeback to the scene, with new singles, an album announcement and a HUGE tour released.
However, many people can’t help but notice that their new track ‘Fast Forward’ seems to have a familiar instrumental behind it.
I myself love the song, and after comparing the two tracks, it makes so much sense on why I love the song so much. It’s instrumental is very close to being a sped up version of Twenty One Pilots’ ‘Heathens’. Have fun getting that out of your head when you listen to Fast Forward now, because I can’t.
See the official snippet below, as well as Twenty One Pilots’ own track;


If you still can’t hear it, perhaps the audio of Fast Forward with some of the vocals stripped out could help;

What do you think? Is it just an accidentally similar tune? Or do you think that with Heathens being played literally everywhere after the Suicide Squad movie, that it wormed it’s way into You Me At Six’s heads? let us know!

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