What’s going on with Creeper?


Many eagle eyed fans may have noticed that Creeper have been a bit off the radar recently, until now, singer Will Gould responded on twitter to a series of tweets, with some rather suspicious and cryptic tweets that has caused chaos among their fanbase; also known as the ‘Creeper Cult’.

Creeper Cult is also an appropriate name for that incredibly dedicated fanbase, as in their facebook group many of those fans took the singer’s tweets in their stride, passing it off as another publicity stunt, and another joking ‘at least no one went missing this time’ referring to their long mysterious release of their previous album. Creeper’s mysteriousness around albums and releases is second to none, almost rivalling notoriously cryptic Twenty One Pilots’ puzzles.

In the tweets, Gould says how ‘everything is temporary’ and that they ‘have nothing planned’ which may be disheartening for many, and rightly so, but apparently he said many things like this before releasing their other album. Only time will tell!

Have a look at the series of tweets below and let us know what you think:

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 22.42.24Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 22.43.29

One thought on “What’s going on with Creeper?

  1. To be fair to Will and the band over recent weeks there has been an out pooring of complaints and demands with regards the band playing smaller warm up venues ahead of Reading & Leeds. I can well understand that they are just cheesed off with the level of understanding and constant demands from fans…and there parents.

    If I were in a similar position I would have to Question was it worth it….

    Creeper are without doubt one of the best punk bands in UK and there fan base some of the most loyal.

    Hopefully this will make those placing these unrealistic demands think twice and give them all a break – otherwise we could loose Creeper forever


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