Cool pieces of merchandise – for when a t-shirt just doesn’t do the job anymore.

Over time, thousands of bands have released various pieces of merchandise that divert away from your standard t-shirt or poster, and are unique like limited edition vinyl figures, or straight up controversial; like sex toys. We wanted to show you guys (in our opinion) some of the merchandise that has stood out to us the most, and to also find out if there’s anything you think deserves a shoutout. Just a heads up, this post may (and unintentionally) be NSFW, so just a word of warning.

The one EVERYONE knew would be on this list before even reading the description; the Rammstein Sex Toys..


Unfortunately, many other bands have done a similar thing, but Rammstein were the first ones to come to mind. The ones in question were released in 2009, and were a ‘unique’ way to promote the newest album of the time; that being Liebe Ist Für Alle Da (Love is There for Everyone). It was a bundle option for fans as it came with a copy of the album, and retailed at $250. Saying that, they have been known to sell for up to ten times that original price, but hey, if you’re a die hard fan, then you can’t put a price on having something so iconic in your collection.

Next, something that very few have, but hundreds seem to want – a Hank the Pigeon plush toy.


A VERY sought after item amongst the Pop Punk community, and rightly so; it is probably the cutest plush I’ve ever seen. Hank the Pigeon is the iconic emblem for the notorious Pop Punk band ‘The Wonder Years’, and he can be seen on shirts, jumpers, flags, and just about anything else music merchandise related that you can think of.

A Knuckle Puck clock, yeah.


Definitely something I didn’t expect to see released from a band like Knuckle Puck, but it was a cool bundle for the pre-order of Shapeshifter; the bands most recent full length release. Also, limited to 50 and they sold out, so what does that tell you?? People actually digged it.

A Title Fight backpack


I would say this is one of the most practical items on this list. A while back, the lads in Title Fight released some limited edition Drifter backpacks, and you can see they turned out very well. The odd one pops up for sale occasionally, but they are generally pretty hard to come by nowadays.

Turnstile Skate Decks



Skateboard decks have became more and more popular over the years amongst music fans, and one of the only bands who could pull off a sell out in minutes is Turnstile. A collaboration with Hardcore band and company ‘Carpet’ Brough 101 skate-decks to the market, as well as limited t-shirts and stickers with an identical design.

KISS ‘Him’ Cologne


You see the likes of Justin Bieber and Britney Spears releasing perfumes, but you rarely see those from the Alternative Rock genre releasing products similar. KISS broke this stereotype back in 2006, and brought out a range of cosmetics, including the one above ‘KISS HIM’. There was also a female spin off named ‘KISS HER’. The ratings from people who have used it are mixed, but generally it went down well with the fans who had the chance to get it.

Weezer Snuggie


There was an opportunity, and Weezer took it with both hands. Everything from the promo to the actual product was perfect, and I don’t feel like many other bands would have pulled it off like Weezer did.

Man Overboard Grinder


The Story so Far also released grinders, but I thought it was more typical of Man Overboard to release them; hence the spot on the list.  I haven’t seen one of these come up for sale in a long, long time, but I think if one did, the price would be nowhere near the face value price.

And finally, Blink 182’s ‘Feeling This’ underwear


And finally, a piece of merchandise from Blink 182. Like most of the items on the list, you see these occasionally pop up for sale, but not at such a high price. From what I remember, these were first sold at one of the band’s tours, and they ended up online to shift the remaining stock. The front of the garment you can see the ‘Blink 182’ text logo, and on the back it says ‘Feeling This?’ in an identical font.

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