As it Is upcoming album ‘The Great Depression’ and Patty Walters ‘glow up’ ?

As many of you have probably seen over the past few days, As it Is and former Youtube star Patty Walters has channeled a more ‘experimental’ look to say the least. It seems to be in an effort to promote and almost ‘fit in’ with his band’s upcoming album ‘The Great Depression’. To me, it seems like a bit of a judgemental and cliché stereotype to associate ’emos’ and ‘goths’ with Depression and Mental Health, but I am willing to see how it rides out for the sake of their new album. As well as Patty, the remaining band members have also channeled their inner 15 year old MCR fan look, but Patty is the one who has stood out the most due to the drastic change with the colour and style of his hair. Many fans of the band as well as fans to the genre have commented on his new style, and it is generally negative. Maybe those who are confused will grow to like it? Time will only tell.


Quickly diverting away from this, we didn’t want to post about something that could be seen as slating or disrespectful. Moving on, As it Is are due to release their new album The Great Depression, which conveniently links in with Patty’s new look.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 21.16.45

In terms of the main themes around the album, it is said to be based on the ‘societal romanticisation of Depression’, and various other mental illnesses. It seems to be very close to the hearts of the band members, and hats off to them for creating something raising awareness around an almost taboo subject. It is due for release on August 10th, and the pre-orders are live NOW.


Said pre-orders are live on the band’s site, and as you can see from the image above, there are some pretty sick items up for grabs that you can get by pre-ordering. As well as the different bundles, you will be sent a code to use which will bag you your pre-sale tickets for their upcoming UK/EU tour (visit out post dedicated to it to find out more).

Have you pre-ordered The Great Depression yet?? If you have, let us know in the comments which bundle you snagged!!

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