Boston Manor – absolutely killing it on and off stage, one show at a time.

Recently, Boston Manor went out on the road with Lower than Atlantis, and we wanted to dedicate an article to the Pop Punk lads from Blackpool.


Like many other bands, Boston Manor are a British band who quickly rose to fame after playing many shows, and catching the attention of the right people; that being their fans and Purenoise Records. Since their signing, they have toured around the world both as support, as well as their own headline tours. Some of their highlights being touring with Seaway and Knuckle Puck in 2016, having a spot on the Kerrang Tour in 2017, and countless others.


Despite their sudden rise to fame, the guys have remained arguably some of the most down to earth people, and ALWAYS make time for their fans who want to have a chat with them. You see the likes of Kellin Quinn (Sleeping with Sirens) showing absolutely no gratitude or kindness towards their fans, and it really is a shame when you have groups like Boston Manor who give a lot of their own time for their fans. It is refreshing to see, as well as reassuring to see musicians acknowledging their fans, and appreciating the support they get from said fans.


The way we see it, musicians rely firstly on the people who listen to their music, and take the time to check out their sets when they are starting out on their mission to ‘make it big’ if you like. Those people are the primary reason why bands make it up the ranks, and taking the time to thank these people seems like a morally acceptable thing to do.


To bring this post to an end, all of us at Crowdsurf admire bands like Boston Manor, not just for their talent, but also for their compassion and kindness they show towards the fans who are paying to see them.


Are there any other bands who you think are like this towards their fans? Let us know in the comments!!


Photography – EM Art and Design UK on behalf of Crowdsurf Online

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