Hey guys! With Slamdunk Festival starting TOMORROW, we wanted to share with you some of the bands we are looking forward to seeing. More specifically, the top five out of the full line up.

Like always, we would love to know who you are looking forward to seeing, all by simply commenting on this post!!

Knuckle Puck

It goes without saying, we are pumped to see Knuckle Puck again. After Galaxy Camp last week, we need more KP in our lives, and this weekend will bring just that.


We know for a fact, a lot of people are looking forward to the Homesafe lads FINALLY playing in the UK after god knows how long, and many pleads from main editor Emily. With a new album on the way as well as a record deal under their belts, everyone is pumped about Homesafe, and we can’t wait to see what they bring to the Slamdunk stages.


Definitely a band who shouldn’t be ignored. That’s all we have to say.

Jimmy Eat World

Don’t lie, you’ve felt emotional at one point listening to ‘Hear You Me’ when it gets to the end of A Cinderella Story. A band that will NEVER get old, and we are so excited to say that we are finally going to be seeing them after all these years of waiting for the chance.


You can’t deny that this band always put on one hell of a show, and we are excited to be seeing them again. They are also doing signings all weekend, which is pretty cool for those die hard fans.

Are you excited for these bands also?!! Let us know!!

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