Barrier or no barrier; that is the question..

As we can imagine, we are sure many of you have been to shows both with and without a barrier separating the crowd from the stage, and we want to know which you prefer.

Personally for me (Emily), the main upside I see about having a pit barrier, is so my camera doesn’t get smashed when the pit kicks in. Besides this, I personally prefer more intimate shows without a barrier, due to the fact you can be up close to the bands you like, and can also have a cheeky stage dive with very little struggle. I understand however, everyone has their own opinion, and it may be different to mine.

It should be noted though, that we completely understand that a pit barrier is there for safety, and this post is not disputing that. We simply want to know the kinds of shows you prefer.

So, let us know in the comments which you prefer and why; pit barrier, or no pit barrier?!

2 thoughts on “Barrier or no barrier; that is the question..

  1. You will notice only small shows with limited audience members have no barrier, the bigger venues and or festivals always have barriers.

    My guess being for safety, much easier to get a person out of a 2000+ crush when you have a row of people behind a barrier with space, able to get people out of a bad situation.

    I will always be on the side of safety in that regard


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