Ten Albums Turning Ten In 2018

With the 2000’s being known as some of the most iconic and influential years of the alternative scene, and with one of my favourite albums of all time recently turning ten, we have decided to compile what other albums turn ten this year, and have compiled a list of our top ten most iconic albums reaching double digits in 2018.

Starting with my personal favourite,

Pretty.Odd. – Panic! At The Disco

Release Date: March 25th 2008

Notable Songs: Nine In The Afternoon, Northern Downpour

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – The Maine

Release Date: July 8th 2008

Notable Songs: Into Your Arms, Kiss and Sell

Folie À Deux – Fall Out Boy

Release Date: December 16th 2008

Notable Songs: I Don’t Care, What A Catch, Donnie, America’s Suitehearts

Suicide Season – Bring Me The Horizon

Release Date: September 29th 2008

Notable Songs: Chelsea Smile, Diamonds Aren’t Forever

Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends – Coldplay

Release Date: June 12th 2008

Notable Songs: Lovers In Japan, Viva La Vida

When The World Comes Down – The All-American Rejects

Release Date: December 16th 2008

Notable Songs: Gives You Hell, I Wanna

Simple Plan – Simple Plan

Release Date: February 12th 2008

Notable Songs: When I’m Gone, Save You

All Hope Is Gone – Slipknot

Release Date: August 20th 2008

Notable Songs: Snuff, Psychosocial

Day and Age – The Killers

Release Date: November 18th 2008

Notable Songs: Loosing Touch, Human

Dig Out Your Soul – Oasis

Release Date: October 10th 2008

Notable Songs: The Shock Of The Lightning, I’m Outta Time

Have any of these albums made your feel nostalgic? Or are there any you think we’ve missed off? Let us know!

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