ICYMI – Homesafe / ONE


Many know that Homesafe are a personal favourite here at Crowdsurf, and we were thrilled when they not only released dates for their first headline tour as a signed band, they also released details of their first Full Length ‘ONE’ and surprised the fans with one of the tracks from said full length titled ‘Vanilla-Scented Laser Beams’.

For the sake of this article and it making sense, I will go over what occurred in chronological order..

First of all, after a somewhat media blackout, the art work below was released via the bands social media accounts to the fans, with not much explanation; besides a one word caption: ‘Tomorrow’.


And then, like the post said, we had something else released to us all the very next day, and this was a massive drop that I wasn’t personally expecting. ONE will be released June 29th through Pure Noise Records, and this is the first full length the band have created under a label, so HYPE.


The track Vanilla-Scented Laser Beams was also released accompanied by a video in order to give a taster for the rest of the album. Once again.. HYPE.


And then the most impressive part (well to me anyway). Homesafe are set to go out on their first HEADLINE tour as a signed band, and all I can say is I wish I lived in America.

Saying that, if you’re lucky enough to actually live in the areas the guys are playing, you can get your tickets HERE

And final bit of information. The Preorders for ONE are up, and you can snag some cool limited records and bundles HERE

Just to wrap this up, this band are going to be HUGE, and Crowdsurf will support them every step of the way, and definitely keep you guys posted.


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