REVIEW – Miraculous – Break Fate

At Crowdsurf, we feel that it is just as vital to provide coverage of upcoming bands in order for them to get the recognition they deserve. Saying that, Dylan from the team has written a review for the most recent track release from London Alt/Pop Punk band ‘Break Fate’. You can read about Dylan’s thoughts below:
‘As classic emo only continues on its revival, Break Fate fit perfectly into the new (old) clamour for wavering voices and slowly building guitars – something Miraculous is a perfect example of.
Reminiscent of bands such as Movements, the track definitely achieves its goal of creating a feeling of building, overwhelming emotion. We begin with a jaded vocal track, but it soon escalates into an honest and relentless reflection of inner feeling that captures the listeners own; the voice screams and pulls from the heart to create that classic emo-esque passion that is loved by so many. The vocals rise and fall through the track to great effect, as we see the contrast between an introspective self-reflection and an intense emitting of feeling. The lyrics are delivered dramatically – nothing but a positive as bands like Creeper spearhead the new calls for conviction and performance in the genre.
The instrumentation is a perfect companion to the vocals, as they alternate between depressed, held back strums of compulsion (reflecting the feeling of hopeless inevitability in the track) and quicker, ardent sections that spread an overall atmosphere of release and catharsis. The track does occasionally risk becoming repetitive with the structure, but the emotion it has managed to generate acts as the perfect cover to that – making it feel human and immersive. It is of course important to remember that this is a debut release, and is undoubtedly promising for the future; if Break Fate can continue to capture this emotion and conviction, possibly with a little more structural experimentation, they can become a rising force in the scene’.
You can keep updated with the things that Break Fate are up to through their Facebook page, and you can also listen to ‘Miraculous’ here!
Supporting upcoming and local bands is VERY important, and definitely something more people should get behind.


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