Best tour line ups.. Ever??

Over the years, there has been a fair share of amazing line ups, as well as ones that didn’t go down too well with the fans. Here at Crowdsurf, we like to focus on the good things in life, so we have picked out the top ten tour line ups ever that we think couldn’t have been made any better. If you have any more suggestions, let us know in the comments!! This is also in no particular order.

Slipknot, Korn and King 810 – 2015


Starting off this countdown is a tour that literally seemed impossible to be true. We rarely cover Metal here at Crowdsurf, however this deserves a spot on the list because of how insane it was. Slipknot were promoting their new album at the time of this tour, and it was a long awaited comeback for the band, and the fans were thrilled. People flew in from all over the world just to see this line up, and it goes to show just how dedicated the Slipknot fans are. I also really like the sense of community and friendship with this ‘with our brothers’, for me that just sums up Slipknot’s attitudes as a whole about the Metal scene, and the people who are in it are considered as ‘family’.

Blink 182 and Greenday’s ‘Pop Disaster Tour’ – 2002


This is just one of the tours that will never be forgotten, and people will constantly be wishing that it makes a come back. Greenday AND Blink 182 were the two biggest ‘Pop Punk’ bands at the time of this tour, and having them both on the same line up was like a dream come true for thousands of fans. Merch from said tour goes for sometimes hundreds these days, and it is incredible how people are still after collectors items that are over 15 years old. It just goes to show how iconic this tour was.

Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck, Seaway and Trophy Eyes ‘The Intercontinental Championships’ – 2015


This has been mentioned before on Crowdsurf, and it is such a sick bill, it has another feature on the site. From what I remember, the full tour ended up selling out, and it was absolute carnage for everyone involved (in a good way, basically it was mental). Knuckle Puck’s first time in the UK was what made this tour seem a lot more special and iconic to me, and it was the start of their well earned success. Looking at the line up overall, all of the bands are doing well for themselves. Neck Deep have gotten to the point where they are doing signings in HMV, Knuckle Puck have two full length albums and are signed, Seaway are just being super cool as always, and Trophy Eyes are becoming more respected within the music scene by the day.

The Story so Far, Turnstile and Drug Church – 2015


I get a little bit triggered when I see this line up, however it had to be featured. I had a dislocated thumb and couldn’t go to the show I was supposed to be at, so I was absolutely devastated. ANYWAY, The Story so Far, Turnstile AND Drug Church on the same bill caused an absolute uproar, and I feel like this was Parker trying to make his debut as more of a Hardcore artist rather than the labeled ‘Pop Punk’. I’ve personally always seen Parker as more of a Hardcore kid, and it was cool that he could be spending his time with bands like Turnstile and Drug Church, so he could see how it’s really done. I remember a lot of people went to this show for Turnstile, and this was the start for them getting to where they are today. The Story so Far’s self titled album is an absolute masterpiece, and having the tour dedicated to the what was the new release at the time, is pretty damn cool if you ask me.

 Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Twenty One Pilots ‘Save Rock and Roll Tour’ – 2013


Even though I have tried to grow up a little bit, this line up still shocks me every time I see it. I was 16 at the time of this tour, and I would have walked to wherever the tour was just to see this line up. It’s crazy, because now all three bands are absolutely massive (don’t get me wrong, FOB and Panic were well known anyway, but look at Twenty One Pilots, they’ve won a Grammy.. a GRAMMY). Some will argue that this was the start of a downward spiral for Fall Out Boy, due to a slightly different take on their pre-hiatus music, however others were simply delighted because they were back together making music; and it was a bonus if the songs sounded good.

 Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance ‘Civic Tour’ – 2012


Like the Pop Disaster tour, this one is also very iconic. It was Danger Days era for My Chemical Romance, and it wasn’t long after they announced their split; and broke many hearts whilst doing so. Tom was called out for his more experimental vocals during this tour, and it is something that will never grow old amongst Blink fans.

A Day to Remember, All Time Low, Pierce the Veil and The Wonder Years ‘Rockstar House Party Tour’ – 2013


Like the Fall Out Boy tour, this one was a Tumblr dream come true for me when I was 16. Having these four bands on the same bill was absolutely phenomenal, and I feel like this really helped the four bands take off more than they already had. A Day to Remember are headlining festivals and going on world tours playing arenas. All Time Low are also playing arenas and hosting paid meet and greet sessions for their fans. Pierce the Veil got hit with accusations as you may know, so it is a little quiet for them at the moment. And The Wonder Years, have not only sold out shows around the world, they have also touched the hearts of thousands with their music, and that in itself really shows that they are doing something right.

 The Front Bottoms and Pup – 2014


This was before The Front Bottoms were signed to label ‘Fuelled by Ramen’, and it was also a time where they were a few tickets short of selling out smaller venues. I was at the Think Tank show, and the atmosphere was electric. Pup are so refreshing and easy to listen to, and they also put on one hell of a show for the crowds they are playing in front of. And The Front Bottoms always seem to pull it out the bag, and have a lot of fun whilst doing so. If you have never been to a Front Bottoms show, I highly recommend it. Just have a beer with your pals, and enjoy the company and the music.

 Good Charlotte, The Story so Far, Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, Hit the Lights and Big Jesus ‘Youth Authority Tour’ – 2016


I can’t deny that this is definitely one of the strongest line ups on this list, and it will be remembered for many years without a doubt. You know a band are doing something good when they make it onto the top ten twice, and The Story so Far are just one of those bands who will never get old, and who are all also insanely talented when it comes to music. Set Your Goals are just ace, and having them on the line up is just the cherry on the top. Also, Big Jesus and Hit the Lights got their shot to become more exposed in the music scene, and I am certain Four Year Strong just took it in their stride and enjoyed every minute.

Balance and Composure, Seahaven, Milk Teeth and Mooseblood – 2014


This line up is just an Emotional dream come true, as well as a hit right in your feelings. Balance and Composure are not really a thing anymore, we sadly don’t hear from Seahaven, Milkteeth are doing pretty damn well for themselves, and people are struggling to see past the allegations of Mooseblood. Overall, mixed reviews for this line up, however Balance and Seahaven on the same bill was magical.

So as you can see, this is a bit of a mixed bag, but you can see clearly that these tours were incredible in terms of the line up, and that is the important part!

Like we said earlier, let us know in the comments if you have any other line ups that you feel are worthy of a mention.

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