Various film sound tracks that feature the best that Alternative Rock has to offer

Over the years, there must have been millions of films put together and directed. And sometimes for people, the soundtrack can be a crucial part of the overall thing, and having a good selection of tracks really can make or break a film.

At Crowdsurf, we got together and thought about some of (in our opinion) the best film soundtracks out there, and that feature tracks from Alternative Rock artists.

School of Rock


First of all, this seems like an obvious choice and a bit of a no brainer, but it had to be featured for the Classic Rock anthems that have been selected. For those who are maybe unfamiliar with the film, it is about a man called Dewy Finn / ‘Mr S’ (played by Rock legend Jack Black) who essentially creates a Rock band with a bunch of school kids (this is possibly the worst plot describing sentence, but it’s a case of a long story short). Throughout the film, the main character’s musical influences are clearly established, as well as the clash between the Alternative scene  and more popular and ‘current’ scene (there’s a part in the film where Dewy asks the kids for their musical influences, and the answers vary from Christina Aguilera, to Puff Daddy.


The likes of Led Zeppelin, ACDC and The Sex Pistols are amongst many to be made reference to in the film, and the combination of the school kids getting involved with the scene and the classic songs used, makes the film appealing to a more varied range of people. If you haven’t watched it, you definitely should get on it as soon as possible.

As well as classic Rock anthems, there are several tracks on the soundtrack that were written especially for the film, and were performed by the cast. Tracks included are The Who’s ‘Substitute’, The Doors ‘Touch Me’, Ramones ‘My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg)’, Stevie Nick’s ‘Edge of Seventeen’, and Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’.

House of Wax


Going from one extreme to the next, we are now focusing our attention around a film that is spine chilling to say the least. Without giving too much away about the plot, people get turned into wax models, and it gets VERY messy. With films like this, we always find that a strong soundtrack is essential to make the sick and twisted story line really make an impact on the viewer, and with House of Wax, it definitely ticks all of these boxes. The full track listing is a collation of a range of tracks and different genres. For the purpose of this article, the songs of interest to us are:

The Prodigy – Spit Fire, My Chemical Romance – I never told you what I do for a living, Deftones – Minerva, Mailyn Manson – Dried up, tied up and dead to the world, and My Chemical Romance – Helena.

Spider Man


This is the first one on the list with more than one soundtrack, due to the number of films. The Spider Man franchise is very well known worldwide, and all of the films are always a hit with the audience. As a quick over-view, the films are based around an American male who gets bitten by a spider, and from then on, he can transform to this ‘Spider Man’ character, and essentially keep everyone out of trouble. Of course, just like a classic action film plot, there are a few hiccups along the way; but that’s Hollywood!

Combining the six movies and their soundtracks, we picked out some of the best songs that were selected to be alongside the motion length pictures! Those classics are Nickleback – Hero, Sum 41 – What We’re All About, Alien ant Farm – Bug Bytes, Corey Taylor – Brother, and Tonight Alive – The Edge.



The Transformers films are absolutely mint, and so are the soundtracks for all of the films in the franchise. There are five all together (I think?), and when you club all of the soundtracks together, there are some absolute gems amongst the vast list of tracks. The Likes of Taking Back Sunday, Linkin Park, The Used, and of course Nickelback have spots on the list, and these bands and their sound all I think work hand in hand with the themes and mood of the films; so perfectly picked if you ask me.

Saw 3


Hats off the worst film in the franchise, but, diverting away from the negative, there are some bangers on the soundtrack.

Another bad plot summary for the guys unfamiliar with the above title – a man gets together groups of criminals to play a ‘game’ in order to try and make them see the error of their ways. However, 90% of them do not live to learn their lesson, so we never know if they could have changed or not.

The way I see it, these films are very iconic for their gore, somewhat audience frustration (there’s an argument that in the final film ‘Jigsaw’, the chains trapping the ‘game player’ could be cut with the rotating blades that are about to kill the person, but that’s a whole unrelated matter) and the way thought out watching one of these films, the viewer (even though the people playing this game are suggestively in the wrong), you can’t help but feel bad for some of them.

Going more so back to the point, the soundtrack has been picked to match the almost uncertainty of the ‘games’, as well as relating to the whole idea that more heavier and dark music is associated with horror (a tacky stereotype that people still make, but its still a thing). The likes of Avenged Sevenfold, Lamb of God, and Bullet For my Valentine make the track listing, and the majority of the other tracks are from heavy metal bands; as well as Slayer, Disturbed, Mastodon and All That Remains.

Suicide Squad


The track everyone seems to recall from this film is Heathens by Twenty One Pilots, and rightly so; after all it is a damn good song. However, focusing on the bigger picture, there is more to this soundtrack than just the catchy tune that has essentially acted as a face of the film, and encouraged a lot of music fans to watch it. Imagine Dragons are also on the soundtrack, as well as Panic at the Disco, and even Eminem. That last one not very Rock related, but we all have a soft spot for him , right??



Another franchise here, but we are specifically going to be focusing on the first film out of the five in total. Did anyone watch this for secondary school English? Or was it just the deprived North East who had the pleasure of watching it six times in total?? ANYWAY…

Paramore are arguably the main feature on this soundtrack, as well as Muse, Linkin Park, and The Black Ghosts.

Avengers Assemble


And, to close this list, the final soundtrack to be featured is for The Avengers – Assemble. I can’t really say anything about the film itself, as I haven’t seen it (yeah my bad, sorry), but I found that there are some bangers on the soundtrack. Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach, and Rise Against are a few who feature on the soundtrack, and to me, this is more of a metal rock line up, which is always nice to see on a film roll. You know, something a little different.

Got any other films with great sound tracks?! Let us know in the comments!

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