The Wonder Years announce new album and UK Tour


This news is definitely long over-due, and it has left a lot of fans in a frenzy. Last week, not only did information surface regarding a new Wonder Years record, but to make it even better for us UK fans, a set of dates were announced earlier today for some shows in April!!!!


The dates in question are due to take place this April, and and there are seven dates all together. Five in the main body of England, as well as two over in Ireland. Sorority Noise will be joining the band for all shows, and more bands are yet to be announced. The tickets officially go on sale on Wednesday, however there are some presale tickets available through the bands website! VIP packages are also due to be announced, so keep your eyes peeled for these going live.

Now then, for the slightly more complicated part of this post..

If you go to this site which was posted by the band, you will be greeted with a range of photographs, accompanied by captions that appear to be city coordinates, and a password tab. We are not sure if there is an exclusive way to get a hold of the password, and this is why we will not be sharing it on this post. That being said, a teaser for the new album is what hides behind the protection, so it’s pretty cool if you get a hold of the password.


I left pins on a map. I’m handing you the string. Tie them together. Unite us‘. – Is the caption for this image on their Facebook page, accompanied by the link which directs you straight to the site. To us, the whole thing seems very cryptic and thought out, and compared to previous TWY albums and hype if you like, this seems very ambitious and damn right dark. Safe to say, we are all excited to find out which way the band decide to go with the new sound, and we can’t wait for the release. As of now, an official release date hasn’t been mentioned, however we feel it will be around the time of the UK tour.

Out of the entire Wonder Year discog, which album is your favourite?? Le us know!

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