Monday; simply explained through the use of song lyrics.

As it’s the start of a new week today, we wanted to dedicate a post to the day that most people seem to actively despise.. Monday!!!! Whether you’re going back to work, uni, college or anything else, it’s never easy to get yourself up after a weekend of doing nothing but chill out, right??

To make this article even worse, the font used is the most plain and basic type face; especially for the negative feelings we all get around Monday as a whole.

Twenty one Pilots – Not Today

It has always been known that Twenty one Pilots can have the happiest sounding tracks, but the crippling meaning behind them only comes out to the listener if they essentially over-analyse things, which is an element that millions of ‘Skeleton Clique’ fans have already done. With this track, it is straight to the point, with no sugar coating.nottodayFrank Carter and the Rattle Snakes – I Hate You

Frank Carter is iconic for having no filter when he speaks, and saying exactly what is on his mind. Another lyric that is straight to the point and also the title of the track.ihateyou

Guns and Roses – November Rain

If you’re like Emily, you will probably prefer to be alone most of the time and away from people and any interaction. A more of a considered heart felt lyric this time round from Rock legends Guns and Roses, and it helps illustrate how people can feel low at the start of the week, and that it’s perfectly normal to want to be alone (maybe an over-analysis, but it works).novemberrain

My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay 

The most obvious (arguably) on this article, and an absolute no brainer. We don’t really like to associate My Chemical Romance with negativity, because we instantly are reminded of the time when the band and the fandom literally fell apart in front of the world. […………]. But, none the less another straight to the point lyric, therefore making it worthy for this list. imnotokay


Blink 182 – When I Was Young

The Dogs Eating Dogs EP from Blink had mixed reviews when it surfaced, and it was this set of tracks when we finally could see through the dick jokes and toilet humour; and actually feel something that wasn’t disgust (as much as I love Blink, middle aged men talking about jerking off and messing with dogs?!). Anyway, the first track on the EP is titled ‘When I Was Young’, and the picked out lyric is from the chorus. A full new post could be made on this song alone, however let’s keep it basic. When Tom is singing the vocals, you grasp that his perception of the world has gradually gotten worse as he has became older. This is the downhill struggle of growing up, and we all have probably felt this way at some point in our lives. Once again, Monday is my least favourite day, so it really is the worst damn day for me.wheniwasyoung


Knuckle Puck – Home Alone / But Why Would You Care?

It’s suddenly came to realisation how emo these lyrics are turning out to be, but we REALLY don’t like Monday. Not only is this a great lyric overall, but it also can cover the feeling of tiredness even though you’ve had a couple days off schedule. And, if any band could illustrate just how bad a day is, it is definitely Knuckle Puck.homealone


If you know anymore lyrics that you think suits Monday to a T, let us know in the comments below this article, or on our Facebook Page!

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