2015 – Knuckle Puck’s first time touring the United Kingdom.


For those who regularly keep track with what we do here at Crowdsurf, you will have probably noticed by now that Chicago Pop Punk band, Knuckle Puck, are a strong favourite amongst the team. And, this exact day three years ago, several of the team were at the show seeing Knuckle Puck for the first time, so we wanted to post a little throwback to when Knuckle Puck weren’t even signed, but were still managing to gather crowds who knew every lyric to every song.

At the time, this tour was revolutionary, and all four bands who complete the line up are now even more successful than they were back then, and have all since visited the UK at least once for headline shows.

Trophy Eyes (Australia), Seaway (Canada), Knuckle Puck (America) and Neck Deep (England) formed the ‘Intercontinental Championships’. And to this day, this tour and line up is still remembered for several reasons, including the ‘clash’ of the different countries from around the world (which was all in a harmless bit of banter), probably the best £10 you would ever spend on a ticket, and of course, the first time Knuckle Puck got to play for us Brits after high demand over the years.

It just goes to show, that with a lot of hard work, commitment and drive, you really can make something of yourself. A group of five lads from Chicago providing inspiration to thousands across the world, who would have thought it?!

Did you go to a date of this tour?! Bad feelings for those who missed out.

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