REVIEW -Fall Out Boy’s M A N I A


After being released two days ago, we wanted to find out what people thought of the new FOB material. In light of this, Ely from our team spoke out about her views and how she feels around it. Check it out below!

‘As many of you know Fall Out Boy’s highly anticipated seventh album M A N I A recently hit the shelves. With its release being pushed back from last year to mid-January due to the album not being ‘up to the bands’ standards’, the hype for the album has only grown with the promise of this album being the best yet.

On the run up to the release there has been four songs released, with the first being Young And Menace and the most recent being Wilson (Expensive Mistakes). With Young And Menace being described as the ‘wild card’ and the ‘most risky’ song off of the album by Pete Wentz, it’s no surprise that it’s fuelled with experimental electronic mixing and beat changes throughout, never mind the music video with people in Llama suits; this song may have started as the wild card but it certainly grows on you and is definitely a go to hype song. As for the next releases Champion, The Last Of The Real Ones, HOLD ME TIGHT OR DONT and Wilson (Expensive Mistakes), they are all definitely safe releases, all with their own repetitive beats and catchy lyrics they’re well chosen singles; Champion being the song you would belt out in the shower, The Last Of The Real ones really resonating with their older fan base over the ‘dying breed’ of the genre of music they grew up loving, HOLD ME TIGHT OR DONT most definitely being a catchy radio song you can dance to, then Wilson(Expensive Mistakes) being a more relaxed and feel-good song that you’ll love singing with your friends.

As for the rest of the album there are definitely some surprises on there. Church and Heavens Gate are both extremely catchy songs where Patrick shows off his famous vocals perfectly with choruses I can easily see becoming karaoke ballads. The more experimental side of the album comes back out again with Sunshine Riptide which features Burna Boy; it still retains the rhythmic style but cashes in on the rap/rock genre that’s extremely popular at the moment with artists like Lil Peep getting a lot of attention and airplay, and overall it is still a pretty successful song.

Possibly my least favourite song off of the album is Bishop’s Knife trick, it’s not a bad song my any means, but we have heard it all before, the song is Fall Out Boy to a T, it’s just nothing new. However it is nice to see the odd song names making a comeback on this album.

Now, for the dark horse in the album, Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea. This song genuinely took my breath away I was so surprised when I listened to the album through for the first time. In my opinion this is the perfect blend of who Fall Out Boy became famous as, and the artist that they’re developing into, the more heavy drum orientated song is reminiscent of their earlier albums that older fans will definitely appreciate, moulded with rhythmic choruses and battle cry of “Eau de résistance” to suit the newer fans. It’s definitely a winner for me.

Overall I think the album is definitely one of their best releases. As they continue developing their sound, whilst battling punk purists that want them to stay the punk-rock emo band they once were; whilst they are still doing their best to stick to their musical roots. This album is definitely a musical adventure and it certainly worth the listen no matter if you’re a new or long-standing fan’.

The track listing for M A N I A is as follows:

  1. Young and Menace
  2. Champion
  3. Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea
  4. Hold Me Tight or Don’t
  5. The Last of the Real Ones
  6. Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)
  7. Church
  8. Heaven’s Gate
  9. Sunshine’s Riptide
  10.  Bishop’s Knife Trick

You can catch Fall Out Boy in the UK from March 27th – March 30th, and you can have a look at our dedicated post for details regarding this!

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