Iconic Rock albums that turn TEN this year!

Because we all love a bit of nostalgia every now and again, here (in a very biased opinion) is a list of iconic Rock albums that turn ten this year. If you don’t feel that old, you will after reading this..

Simple Plan – Simple Plan – February 2008




I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, Simple Plan will always be a feel good band, as well as a guilty pleasure. Their self titled album was released on February 12th 2008, and features iconic tracks such as When I’m Gone, Your Love is a Lie and No Love. Back in the day, the album was announced in October 2007 and was said to be released for January the following year, however due to ‘production difficulties’, this held the release date back to February. It generally did well with the people who had listened to it, but saying that, it did end up losing a Juno Award for ‘Best Album’ to a Nickelback release.

The Used – Shallow Believer – February 2008




Up next, is an album from a band that I personally have never really properly listened to, however I do know how iconic and loved this release is amongst the Alternative community. It is more of a compilation of out takes and bonus tracks from the bands first three studio albums, and this is why it is so special; previously unreleased content always created hype for a fan base. The title of the album came from the track ‘Slit Your Own Throat’ which is featured on the song listing, and it was released especially for the fans seven years after it surfaced on RSD (Record Store Day) 2015 as a /3000 Royal Blue vinyl. Various tracks that are included are Dark Days (outtake from Lies for the Liars), Into My Web (outtake from In Love and Death) and Choke Me (a Self Titled outtake). Originally, the compilation was released for fans to listen to on February 19th, 2008, and is still listened to by many ten years on.

Panic at the Disco – Pretty.Odd. – March 2008




No matter what genre of music you follow, you have probably heard of Panic at the Disco at some point in your life. And, it was this time ten years ago that their album ‘Pretty.Odd.’ was released, and since then, it’s been a downward spiral of Emo revolution. It is the second full length that the band released, and it came out March 25th 2008. This didn’t go down as well as their first album ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’ which was released three years before, however there are still some banging tracks on PO, and it definitely will not be forgotten over time. Some of the tracks included are Nine in the Afternoon, Northern Downpour, She Had the World, and Mad as Rabbits. Jon Walker (Bass) and Ryan Ross (Vocals and Lead Guitar) both left a year after this release, and it is made iconic by the fact it was their last project together with the band.

Weezer – Red Album – June 2008




Next up we have the sixth album Weezer released, and it came out June 3rd 2008. As of now, this LP is the only one that has featured vocals from all four members of the band, and this is something that is highly looked on by the fans, and therefore helps mark its legacy within the community. Pork and Beans is on this album, and this is a track that is loved by many Weezer fans, and also general music fans. Other tracks include The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, Trouble Maker, and Dreaming’.

My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade is Dead! – June 2008




Despite My Chemical Romance and when they did that thing making me incredibly sad, I couldn’t have this list up without them on it. Off the back of the legendary concept album ‘The Black Parade”, The Black Parade is Dead! is a CD/DVD that was released June 30th 2008. The included DVD lets fans see the final performance from the band as ‘The Black Parade” from a show in Mexico that happened in 2007. The CD features The Black Parade track listing played live in its entirety, as well as a studio recording of the hidden track ‘Blood’ to finish off an emotional rollercoaster of live audio. The audio and performance was recorded at Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico, and the show took place on October 7th, 2007. As well as having this show featured on the DVD, there are scenes from a performance that took place at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, New Jersey on October 24th 2007, and this is when MCR were back to themselves; and not The Black Parade. As well as playing tracks from the album, they also play classics such as Helena, I’m Not Okay, and Give Em Hell Kid. This was the last time Bob Bryar toured and associated with the band, due to his somewhat abrupt departure.

Alkaline Trio – Agony & Irony – July 2008




So recently (when I say that I mean around two, possibly three years ago) front man of Alkaline Trio made the controversial move and replaced Tom Delonge in Punk Rock band Blink 182. Despite this jump, he is still keen to work with both bands, and is a pretty sound person to meet and have a chat to. ANYWAY, Agony & Irony came out on July 1st 2008, and the art work features the iconic heart and skull logo that many people recognise, and the fans have grown to love. Looking into the actual content, the album includes tracks such as Help Me, Over and Out and Ruin It. There was also a ‘deluxe’ version if you like released, and this had acoustic versions of some of the already existing tracks from the original LP, as well as an extra track called Burned is the House. The release was rated three stars by Rolling Stone magazine, and it is the sixth studio album to be released by Alkaline Trio.

Slipknot – All Hope is Gone – August 2008




Next up we have fourth studio album from Metal band Slipknot. It was released August 20th 2008, and is still blasted through millions of speakers and head phones ten years later. The band shifted from their Nu Metal style, and went for a more Grove Metal interpretation, and in the process they absolutely killed it. Many people know Slipknot simply as ‘the band with the masks’, and as you can see with the album art, the masks are that little bit more horrifying, however interesting to look at. Out of their full discography, All Hope is Gone is considered to be an incorporation of various elements from their first three albums , as well as the most ‘eclectic’ sounding album.  Featured tracks include Psychosocial, Butchers Hook, and Vendetta. If you see yourself as a bit of a thrill seeker, definitely go to a Slipknot show; that’s all I’m saying.

Bring Me The Horizon – Suicide Season – September 2008




In my eyes, this is the textbook example of how far a group of people can improve and develop as a band, and I know for a fact many others will agree. Bring Me The Horizon somehow got into the UK charts, and suddenly it seemed cool to be listening to a band who outsiders had previously mocked the fans for liking. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that people have opinions about things, however calling out people due to their taste in music just isn’t a nice thing to do, especially when bands like BMTH can mean so much to thousands of fans. Back to the subject, Suicide Season was released 29th September 2008, and it was the follow up release from ‘Count Your Blessings’, the band’ first LP which was released in 2006. Suicide Season wasn’t taken very well at first, and people generally seen it as an insult to ‘Metal’. It’s one of those that people have learned to appreciate over time, and its track listing includes Chelsea Smile, Diamonds Aren’t Forever, and Sleep With One Eye Open. Bring Me have gone from getting bottles thrown at them whilst on stage because they were so bad in 2007, to dominating not only the alternative charts, but also the mainstream charts in more recent times.

Fall Out Boy – Folie à Deux – December 2008




I’m yet to come across someone that doesn’t like Fall Out Boy, and this is pretty good going baring in mind I’m an avid music fan, and I’ve met arguably thousands, if not millions of people. Diverting away from the previous releases from Fall Out Boy, this album was revolutionary in terms of its meaning and creation. It was recorded in relative secrecy, and the lyrics are mainly inspired by moral dilemmas, relationship problems, personal struggles, and political correctness. The main promo for the album was a made up organisation called “Citizens For Our Betterment”, who allegedly hacked the website for label Decaydance Records, and this eventually led to the release of Folie; after what I feel was a very confusing and slightly unnecessary promotional stunt. Folie à Deux translated from French simply means ‘a madness shared by two’, and it goes hand in hand with the album artwork that depicts a person dressed as a bear, giving a real bear a piggy back. This album brought some absolute bangers to light, including heart throbbing Head First into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet, I Don’t Care, America’s Suitehearts, and a sick cover of Michael Jackson’s Beat It.

The All American Rejects – When The World Comes Down – December 2008




And finally, closing this list, we have third studio album from my childhood icons; The All American Rejects. Despite the band beginning to write for this in 2006, their tour and promotional schedule for previous release ‘Move Along’ meant that the group didn’t get into the studio to record until nearly a year later. However they were raring to go, and pretty much had everything sorted. The recording was completed in September of 2008, and the album was released for the fans on December 16th, 2008. Alternative Press gave it a rating of four stars out of five, but despite this, it was a generally mixed reception from those who had listened to it. Overall, it did pretty well and ended up charting at number 15 on the US Billboard 200 chart. Tracks included are Gives You Hell, Damn Girl, Ballin’ Apart and Believe.


To wrap this up, let us know your favourite album from the list above, or maybe even point out a different album that you think should have made the list!


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