Turnstile announce NEW ALBUM for 2018


For all those who are familiar with the American Hardcore band Turnstile, you will certainly agree that another full length to be released is more than overdue. Saying that, our dreams came true last week when the band announced that a new album will be dropping in February 2018, and here is what we know so far:

This album will be the bands debut with the label Road Runner Records, and its release date is February 23rd 2018. The title is ‘Time and Space’ and so far two tracks have been released; ‘Real Thing’ and ‘Generator’. The pre-orders will be going live on the 12th of January 2018, and there will more than likely be a tour exclusive for the bands US headliner; which begins a few days after the release date. Below is the track listing and art work for Time and Space:


1. Real Thing
2. Big Smile
3. Generator
4. Bomb
5. I Don’t Wanna Be Blind
6. High Pressure
7. (Lost Another) Piece Of My World
8. Can’t Get Away
9. Moon
10. Come Back For More / H.O.Y.
11. Right To Be
12. Disco
13. Time and Space

It’s safe to say, it has been a long time coming for another full length, and we at Crowdsurf are absolutely certain that it will not disappoint when it drops.


Keep checking our site for more news!

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