PHOTOS – The Kerrang! Tour 2017 – Featuring The Amity Affliction, Boston Manor, Vukovi and Casey


As you can see from the tour poster above, this was a pretty solid line up. Emily was there to take photos, and she also had a few words to say about her experience of the night. Keep reading and scrolling to see some photos!

‘Overall for me, the show was quite surreal as Kerrang Magazine was something I religiously bought when I was a kid and covered my walls with the posters you got inside the issues. I’m familiar with Casey, despite never listening to them, and I was interested to see what the hype is all about around them. They were great, straight to the point and very talented. Vukovi were so different and unusual, but in a good way. An absolute pleasure to photograph, and a real friendly bunch of people. Boston Manor were on top point that night, and their set was insane. It was also a really fun set to watch, and a solid set list made it even better. And the headline band Amity, I honestly didn’t know what to expect as I’ve never properly listened to them. But, I loved their set, and I could see that every member gave it absolutely everything during the performance, and I love it when you can see the connection they have with their music and their passion comes out to the audience. All in all, it was a great show, and it was nice to actually watch the sets rather than just taking photos from the pit and then going home’. – Emily.





Boston Manor (there isn’t many due to tech difficulties)


The Amity Affliction (there is a lot due to the headline position on the tour)

Photography – Emily Moorby

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