REVIEW – Safeguard’s ‘I’m a Stranger to Myself’.


Here at Crowdsurf, we are all about promoting upcoming bands with some serious talent, and on that note, get familiar with UK Pop Punk band, Safeguard. After recently signing to Wilhelm Records, the band are currently touring and jamming towards the run up of the release date for their Sophomore EP ‘I’m a Stranger to Myself’ which will be December 1st through their label. We got access to the tracks, and Tony had a few things to say about the tracks from this banger of an EP. This is what he said:

Kicking off with an instrumental track, listeners are instantly taken back to the days of rock albums with introduction tracks. For me personally, the opener is a great way to set the mood. Cruz starts off melodic, but as soon as hear the first drum beat, you know the EP is going to take you on a wonderful (if short) journey. Once the drums build up and the distorted guitar comes in, you can hear the influences from early 2000s pop punk bands. If anything, the opening track leaves you wanting more – you could argue that it’s too short (just under 1 minute), but when track two starts (Harbour – which is the single taken from the EP), the shortness of the introduction is quickly forgotten and you will be nodding along to the track almost straight away.

Harbour is an obvious single choice from the EP, from its high energy and catchy guitar riffs, to the more melodic section in the middle, it will probably be stuck in most people’s heads after listening just once. The vocalist is very clear, which makes it easy to pick up the lyrics and I found myself singing along very quickly.

The longest track on the EP is November, and having a preconception of songs with a month in the name, this track is not what I was expecting, in a good way. Again, the vocals are easy to pick up and the guitar riffs are catchy. This track offers a pleasant transition from the higher intensity openers in to No Man’s Land which is the “every EP needs a slow song” track, and finishes the EP off by making the listeners want more.

Overall, this album is worth a listen, especially for fans of modern British pop punk but still keeping sounds from bands that pioneered the genre. I’d recommend this to fans of Neck Deep, State Champs, New Found Glory, Sum 41, and blink-182. In a genre where a lot of current releases sound very similar, Safeguard are offering a slightly different sound while staying true to the foundations of pop punk, and they are definitely ones to watch out for in the future.

You can listen to the full EP from December 1st through Wilhem Records –

And make sure to check out Safeguard’s full discography, as well their social media pages for future updates!

Writer: Tony McNab

Photo: Emily Moorby

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